Parperius – Short movie

The short movie is currently taking part in some italian and european Festivals.
Waiting for the official release, enjoy the Trailer and stay tuned!

The evil Moor has arrived on Earth with a horrible plan and some terrible giant monsters to help him! The hope of our planet lies in Parperius, an unlikely superhero.

Parperius is my first 2D animated short. It is a spoof and at, the same time, a heartfelt homage to the Tokusatsu genre, the Japanese telefilms, born in the 60s, full of special effects, imaginatively designed monsters, and crazy adventures, with which I spent countless afternoons when I was a boy.

Created and Directed by: Edo Faravelli
Character and Background Design: Giovanni Costa
Animations: Andrea Cenci; Tommaso Zambelli; Hosein Nazarpour; Edo Faravelli
Moho Rigging: Mahnaz Yazdani
Music and Sound Design: Alessandro Pedretti
Producer and Creative Consultant: Hidde De Vries