“Parperius” is an animated short that I am working on in my free time. It is heavily inspired by my love for the Tokusatsu genre. I’ve been working on this for a long time. The project has changed name (slightly) and style more than once, but now it’s on his way, finally.

You’ll find in this page some updates a bit of production diary…

Diary and Updates

Scene Animation

If you want to make a proper Tokusatsu movie, you need a Kaiju wreaking havoc in the city, isn’t it? So here it is: this is the first enemy that our hero, Parperius, will face.

Character Sneak Peek!

Another revelation from my upcoming short movie. Here’s the villain, the bad guy, the despicable one. His name is Moor and now you can see him in all his beauty (?).⠀

Character Sneak Peek!

Every city/planet/galaxy/something needs a HERO! And here’s our: Kozo.⠀
He’s the one who can morph into Parperius and kick some asses (hopefully, enemy’s asses too). ⠀

First scene

Who is he? What are his murky plans and above all … will he be able to put them into action? We will find out (maybe).


Character and Background Design by Giovanni Costa

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