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Throwing back to an old project: these are bits of the animations and graphics I made for a mobile game that was never released. It was about DINOSAURS so I’m a bit sad we’ll never had the chanche to play it.

Lord Nooth

I know I shouldn’t because he’s despicable but I can’t help laughing when I see Lord Nooth. I think the guys at Aardman has done an amazing job in creating such a funny character. This is my small tribute…⠀ STEFANOOOOOOOOO!

Le Precensioni – Cover

Le Precensioni – Cover

Sebabastiano Barcaroli aveva bisogno di una cover Pixel Art per le PRECENSIONI….”E CHI CHIAMERAI!?!??!?!”. Grazie mille, è sempre un piacere collaborare e le Precensioni sono fantastiche! Ascoltatele qui!