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Joystick ‘n Sliders fun

A little fun with Joystick and Sliders Plugin for After Effects. A bit slow sometimes but really powerful. Since I wanted to try it on a personal project, I decided to rig a Rick Sanchez face in my style of illustration! PICKLE RIIIIIICK!⠀

Animation on the Couch #04 – Super Gumball Bros

Back to Pixel Art! This one is made using Pixaki app and Apple Pencil. Pixaki is the best Pixel Art App out there imho. And btw, this one is dedicated to one of my favourite cartoons ever! I love The Amazing World Of Gumball and all its pop culture reference! Gumball and Darwin would make …

Animation on the Couch #01

Starting today, I’ll be doing on weekly basis a quick loop-animations made only with mobile stuff (mostly my iPad and Apple Pencil… and mandatorily on the COUCH!). Just for fun and keeping in excercise.

Dribbble Meetup @ Accenture

Big thanks to Accenture Italia that wanted me yesterday as a speaker of the Dribbble Meetup. Honored to be there. And also thanks to all the amazing people that stop by for a “ciao” at the end of the Keynote! Keep on rockin’!